Hello our wonderful readers! Well, today we have a band that has a new song that will surely brighten your day! The band Lyrics Of Two has released a new single entitled, California Loving. This song has a sweet melody that will be very easy on your ears. The swift guitar and the soulful drums, will surely let you hear the creativity within the instrumentation. Now you may think that they sound like any other band out there, but this band really has the potential to be a chart hitting song! Now, the question is, will the labels out there give them the opportunity to have a chance at getting the exposure they need.

Being a fan of music in general, I really think that this band will have a great future. Whether or not they get signed to a major label, this song will surely have them stand out against the fabricated music on the radio at this time. Heck, they just might be ahead of their time with their music.

Check them out below and let us know what you think in the comments below! Till next time!

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Lyrics Of Two - California Loving
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