Hey everyone! Are you ready for summer yet? Because we sure are! It’s the time of year when we get flooded with music artists emails for us to review their music. The good thing is, is that we get returning artists and by that we mean, we get artists that we absolutely love to talk about on our website.

Recently we received a request from a band who goes by the name of, Lyrics Of Two. They had an amazing first single and they just released their second single that is entitled, Shut It Down.

Shut It Down is a song that will get your southern rock/blues/old school feeling back. They def make this presence known in this new single release. I am absolutely in love with this band. Each song they put out is better than the last. This single definitely defines what the band is all about. I can only imagine Marie Abramyan writing down these lyrics from the heart,  you can feel it in the chorus of this song. Shut It Down makes you want to rev up your car and take life into your own hands.

I’m definitely a fan of this band and I think you guys are gonna love this new single, Shut It Down, will be what major artists resort to when they want to write a chart topper. The tone and style of Lyrics Of Two will give world wide bands a run for their money.  A song not like the rest, Lyrics Of Two will pass the test!

Listen to the song below and let us know what ya think about it below in the comments!

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-As Always-

Jack Saint

Lyrics Of Two Shut It Down
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Jack Saint is an accomplished international film festival winner with an array of musical talents. A film producer/writer/director and professional movie critic hailing from Sunset, Louisiana , the 31 year old father of 2 and one on the way, wants nothing more in life than to promote unsigned and independent bands. Life is full of opportunity and he believes in chances and if he has contacted you, you deserve a chance to be recognised. He wants to help you as an artist succeed and get the write-ups your band/Your music deserves!

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