Hey guys! If you are in the mood for a little bit of Jazz/Pop, Magazine Gap is the band for you. First of, below are the lyrics for the song. They are very inspirational to say the least. When listening to them don’t play the music, I’d like you to read the lyrics as you listen to the song in full. It will mean a little more to take if you do it this way.

The song is an upbeat song and definitely not like the usual jazz and pop song you hear on the radio these days. It had a feeling of love, yet brings you back to reality. The song tells a story, from the viewpoint of an old-time musician reflecting on his life and decisions made.

I took the road less travelled
And came upon a desert plain
A battle-weary warrior
On sunny days I called for rain

I took to the stage to go into hiding
With another chapter to be written
Put on a show, still sought an audience
With whoever would listen

Looking back now was it right or wrong
Faced with one or the other
I know now I should have stood my ground
Instead I ran for cover

The divide as wide as the Grand Canyon
Spoke of the gulf ’tween you and me
Wish I could follow the Colorado
Out into the open sea

But I’d become a consummate gambler
I’d bet it all and lost the lot
Spent the winter in Denver
A mile high but no closer to God

Never one for a daredevil stunt
Baby to draw your attention
Never one to put on much of a front
But maybe I should be open to suggestion

I really hope you enjoy the song, it just might be your new favorite style! Check out more of Magazine Gap videos on Youtube

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Jack Saint

Magazine Gap - Ran For Cover
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