I love all of my readers, I hope everyone is having an awesome new year! I know I’ve said that previously, but you never know people may still be getting over the hangover from the new year’s night. Today I found an artist reminds me of what music on the radio is supposed to sound like. This artist sings from the heart and you can truly hear her thoughts.

Marlena Anna is a new artist who has recently released a CD entitled “Habitual” EP. Each song on this cd has a unique feeling that takes you to a place, that might make you feel like you are a teenager again. To go through the pain and to go through the sorrow of growing up and then releasing feelings into songs is exactly what Marlena Anna did. Let’s get into the review !

  1. Habit – This is a song that reminds you of things that you used to do. With the way you are hearing it, you feel exactly how she wants you to feel. A soulful song that has a hint of Paramore with a little bit John Mayer and most definitely a lot of influence from Adele. She could literally be the teenage answer to Adele fans.
  2. I’m Gone – This song is one of those songs that truly hits the heart of the listener. It is almost as if she’s writing from actual experiences, which makes perfect sense.
  3. Trust – Honestly the title says it all and you can ‘trust’ me that you will enjoy the soul within this song. She sings with a delicate, serenity feeling. I know, I know…just listen to it and you’ll hear what I mean.
  4. Fuckin Real – Pretty much the most upbeat song on this EP and the title rightfully fits.
  5. Sad Song – This song had a feeling of Adele in it. A piano driven song that had the intensity of any Adele song. She is def on the right track with this song.
  6. DOA – This one is really unique. Her vocals def come out the most in this song. The lyrics are really catchy and also, it has a little bit of hip-hop in, meaning the beat. Very unique.
  7. Lost Me – Now this is a song where she is literally telling her other half the actual truth about what is going on in her mind. Awesome harmonies and also a very catchy lyric song.
  8. Thief – This piano driven song has a very deep meaning with the title popping up everywhere within the making. Another catchy lyric song. Def a single that she needs to release !

Final Thoughts

Marlena Anna is one of those artist to look out for in 2017. I bet she will be signed to a major deal VERY soon! I really did enjoy this EP. She has a unique voice that I think the world is ready for. Adele and other artists paved the way for singers like Marlena.

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I look forward to hearing what you think below!

-As Always

Jack Saint


Marlena Anna - "Habitual” EP Review
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