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In an age where music ability seems to have dwindled due to all the electronic music being produced, we sometimes find an original artist that gives us a new perspective that there are still “real” musicians out there. Martin Lucassen is one of those artists that gives you the feeling that there is humanity within music today.

Now you may have read that and you were possibly a little confused; well it’s okay to be confused, because once you hear Mr. Lucassen’s music, you will totally understand what I mean. The best way I can describe his style and his voice would be to put him next to The Beatles meets Johnny Cash meets Eric Clapton. Now, I know those are broad areas of music, but when you hear his melodies, you will see exactly what I mean. The way each song is composed is on a level of genius.

The one thing that is puzzling to me, is how is this man not signed to a major country/folk rock label? It puzzles me very much when I find an artist that represents “REAL” music. Martin certainly does this with his new album , “Turns To Morning Light”. 

Turns To Morning Light – Music Review

Each song you hear is a special song in it’s own. He combines an emotional feeling mixed with a little spunk.

The first track on this album,”Come To Me“, starts you off with an icelandic feel from the 60’s. It literally makes you relook at the cover of the album to make sure your listening to Martin and not an old b side to a Beatles album.


The second track entitled, “Love You From Scratch“, is a perfect example of this. It is catchy as hell and you can def feel his power of writing.


The third song, “Love Me Right Now“, has a feeling of pure love. It talks about the feeling of being loved and wanting to be loved. You really want to kiss and hold that one special person in your life.


The fourth track, “Break The Glass“, mixes what I was saying about Eric Clapton’s style of singing and writing. It was almost like he channeled Eric Clapton’s mind while writing the song. This is one of those ballads that has a creepy and intense vibe to it.


The fifth track on the album, “Heart On Fire“, brings in “The Beatles”, vibe I was talking about. In a way, if you close your eyes, you can hear John Lennon within the song. It has the emotional feeling of wanting to be held and wanting that love you’ve always dreamed about, in a way, it will make you jealous.


The Sixth track on the album, “What You Mean To Me“, brings you back down and gives your heart a little flutter. It speaks about overcoming a mistake and trying to get that special person back into your life.


The seventh track is called, “I Love You More“, this track opens up with a somber melody that will give you the heebie geebies if you haven’t found love in your life.


The eighth track on his album is entitled,”Do You Want Some Love“; this song brings you the inland waters of Paris. It’ll take you on a romantic boat ride of lovey dovey feelings. It will make you want to fall even more deeper in love with your partner.


The ninth track is called, “Happy Travelers“, this track is more of a bluesy type of song that channels the emotions of Johnny Cash. With swift drums and strumming of guitar chords, this song truly sets what Martin Lucassen is all about.


The tenth song called,” How It Will Be“, is one of my favorite tracks on the album. As a fan of folk blues, he certainly gives the audience what they want. The perfect John Lennon tone mixed with sweet blues guitar rifts gives you that urge to pick up a guitar and start playing.


The eleventh song on the album entitled,”These Are The Times“, is an upbeat track that will make you cringe at the first lyric. An instant classic, in my opinion.


The last and final track but not the least,”Beauty All Around“, is one of those songs that fills the end of every great album. One thing about this track is that it may be the last song on the album, but it is quite possibly the most important track. It dives into the realization that there is love out there for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Martins music is truly what every musician has been looking for. With every song hitting you differently, He literally shows you what you have been missing in your music collection, and that is MARTIN LUCASSEN ” The Night Turns To Morning Light” . Check him out, you won’t regret it!


Jack Saint

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