Mav Chamberlain

Mav Chamberlain

Mav Chamberlain

Sometime in life we go through transitions, we have those times where we are down and out, then we have those times where we are just fully excited about life. Sometimes as musicians we go through a lot of pain and anguish. With that being said, sometimes we grab our musical instruments and we write our feelings down and we try to just get those feelings out there in to the world. Most of the time, those feelings are not looked at nor seen by the listener. Well the artist that I am writing about at the moment went through a transitioning period in 2009. I hear a lot of pain within these four tracks on his cd. The artist that I am referring to would be the amazing singer, Mav Chamberlain a guitarist, singer, songwriter & producer from the Canada, blending roots and folk sensibilities with an old-school alternative edge. His release of WINTER TREE SESSIONS will let him tell a story that is sure to make you feel as close as a listener can feel when listening to an artist.

Tracks : Winter Tree Sessions

  1. Tidal Wave – This first track has a flowing verse and an amazing melody that will soothe your ears. The natural guitar playing will surely inspire you to make you think about your previous life choices. As you hear his voice whisper through the song, you hear the pain that he must have been going through while writing this emotional song.
  2. Imagining (Lullaby) – Now this track is one of those mellow/upbeat songs. It could be considered the type of song that you would call a ballad, but when you are listening to it, it seems a little too upbeat to exactly be a ballad. As he sings this songs, the guitar strums a sound of blissfulness. More or less of a classical tone while the harmonies smooth out any roughness it once had. This is one song that will sure hit a very good spot in your musical ears of listening.
  3. Carry The Load – If Mav ever had a “rock” type of song, this would be the song that would make him stand apart. The guitar riff in this song is what stands out about it all. He has a way of strumming to make you appreciate good guitar skills. He def has a way of doing that through his music. The roughness yet soulful style of his voice makes you appreciate the song in full.
  4. Distance – This is one song that you are awaiting to hear his voice on. The funny thing is that, that voice you are awaiting to hear, never comes. It is an instrumental track that satisfies a musicians ear with pure gold ! His skills on this song are shown immensely.

Final Thoughts

The best way I can describe Mav Chamberlain to people would be to say he is a bit of John Mayer mixed with Daves Mathews Band…..but better. He has an indie feel to him , but he also has a lot of rock feel to him. As a musician, I can hear what he is doing and I am fully on board with it. So my final review of his music is to give this guy a full 5/5 stars. Good Job Mav ! Keep up the amazing work!

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Mav Chamberlain - Winter Tree Sessions
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