Haim sisters, photo by Luke Brossette

Haim sisters, photo by Luke Brossette

Three sisters of the Haim family release a new song. First thing that comes in mind are the poplar Haim sister’s band from L.A. BFF’s of Taylor Swift.

Haim is a Hebrew name used both for given and surnames in the Hebrew language, and it happens to be that in the other side of the world there are three more Haim sisters, Tair, Liron & Tagel who grew up in southern desert part of Israel and also formed a band together, A-WA (pronounced Ay-wa). With an original combination of Yemenite folk songs that the sisters grew up on, and a modern approach of electronic beats & North African grooves produced by Tomer Yosef (Balkan Beat Box) whom also Directed, Filmed & Edited the new video ‘Habib Galbi’, a traditional Yemenite Folk song, joined by his Balkan Beat Box band mates Tamir Muskat (Drums) and Itamar Ziegler (Bass & Guitars) they are finally being introduced worldwide.

Meet More Haim Sisters A-WA Releasing Exciting New Video 'Habib Galbi'
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