Mexico has been innovative and a generator of trends such as the worldwide boom of Nortec, or more locally, ‘hand-crafted’ sounds with hints of electronic music such as the ‘tribal’. But now, apart from the mainstream push generated by this genre of music, a handful of underground producers emerges from deep within, ones who have had an important influence in today’s music with their Techno, House, DeepHouse, Jackin’, Deeptech, Soulful Music, and so on.

Mexico Grows and Gains Power in the Musical World Scene

Every month in the shops around the world, some 15,000 new electronic music songs arrive, and a huge part of them are from Mexico. More interestingly is the quality — not the quantity— of what is being done. Such quality is not measurable only by production standards —which, by the way, are high level—, or the variety of top labels that are producing Mexican talents, but on the impact many of those productions are having on the musical scene. Particularly, such a quality reminds us of the Mexican producers that are entering the music charts. That is what really matters.


We dedicated ourselves to see what’s going on with the Mexicans from Traxsource, one of the most important shops in the House industry, which has become an editorial referent for that particular sound.

What we found in 2016 is that each time it is more common to see electronic music made in Mexico, among the Traxsource Top 100 of DeepHouse, Soulful, House, etc. An example of that is Andrés Mijangos, Big classic House and Soulful House producer who has had several songs ranked for weeks in the charts. Also, some old-school people like Héctor and his crew Los Vatos Locos, who they are a reference in Europe, producers like Balcazar & Sordo, Omar Labastida, Pinto or Miguel Puente, whose songs are frequently in the charts, and B-Liv, who, with his songs, has got a place in more than 14 charts this year, and surely, the Mexican House Music producer with more charts in this country.

Which is undeniable is that Mexico is still a powerful nation in terms of musical heritage. It helps us see that good sound is not something unique of Europe or North America, but that it pertains to the people that make it right. And Mexican producers are doing just that.

These are “SOME” of the artists in Mexico that have been relevant in the charts in Traxsource and also in his editorial Picks in the Essential Charts in different House Music Styles in the first half of 2017, and who are definitely worth of having a look upon them if you don’t know them by now:


Andrés Mijangos
Aurora Solovey
Balcazar & Sordo
Jesus Nava
Miguel Puente
Omar Labastida
Ritmo Duvela
Robbie Akbal
Wayne Madiedo

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