This museum, better known as “MAMBO“, with more than 50 years of existence, is one of the most important museums in Latin America, and with no doubt the most recognized, appreciated and visited cultural space in the this vibrant city.

On August 12 2018, the 2nd edition of “MAMBO ALIVE” Festival will take take place in a ambience that combines art and electronic music, offering the city; culture and a great option to appreciate new tendencies.

“The event has been inspired by MoMA PS1, a New York festival that presents a similar concept each summer.”

For the 2017 edition of “MAMBO ALIVE”, the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá has prepared a unique program, which combines exhibitions such as the exclusive show of France with an outdoor happening of electronic music with important local artists as Memek, Julio Victoria, Magdalena and Sloh.

B-Liv @ the 2nd edition of MAMBO ALIVE” Festival

B-Liv @ the 2nd edition of MAMBO ALIVE” Festival

This year B-Liv from México, is the international guest and he will be in charge to inaugurate this special event.
B-Liv is an electronic music artist and one of the most important House Music producers in Mexico, achieving several nationally and international awards including “1st place of the MXP4 contest of Ministry of Sound in London” And “4 WEMC finalist of Mixmag” in London.

Inspired in this amazing festival, B-Liv will present his live act “Techxturas Sonoras”. An avant-garde electronic musical homage of the memory of Mexico´s amazing poets.

Jeremy Black, a column writer for the New York magazine “Bassement Sounds” describes B-liv’s project as a “Present and intangible sound installation.” Techxturas Sonoras “is full of electronic amalgams, techno sounds, somewhat rhythmic, somewhat experimental and also ambient, built and played live by B-Liv, a journey inspired by the memories of some protagonists in the popular and cultural history of Mexico, whose voices are silenced by death. Octavio Paz, Chabela Vargas, Agustín Lara, Rosario Castellanos, Jaime Sabines, and others are some of the inspiration voices that are included in this innovative project.

“Techxturas Sonoras” was presented by B-Liv on Day of the Dead 2016 celebration-parade in the Zócalo of Mexico City in front of more than 100 thousand people.

Watch the Documentary Video Techxturas Sonoras / Zócalo of Mexico City

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