Piano Instrumental Smooth Jazz and Beautiful Heartfelt Ballads by Mike Attinger

Meet Mike Attinger, 29 year old musician from the Netherlands. On a daily basis Mike helps out lots of artists in the music industry. Primarily  via Youtube, the videos Attinger produced have had millions of views and generated thousands of subscribers for himself and the artists he helps out.

Working with all of those great people has been a great experience for Attinger, but producing his own music has always been the bee’s knees. And that’s exactly what this album is all about!

His own album is the dream.

About the Project

Mike Attinger Piano

Mike Attinger (Mike’s Instagram)

Kickstarter enables Mike to choose his own path and thus keeping everything far more personal towards the listener.
A large part of the funds raised with this campaign will be used for the physical production of the album and are also used for an awesome photoshoot and getting some beautiful artwork for the album itself. And of course some of the funds will be used to pay the guest musicians featured on the album.

For years Attinger has been producing music in lots of different musical styles. From pop to rock and from jazz to metal, but when it comes to performing the music, thats his real passion, always finding the way back to piano ballads and smooth jazz. And that’s exactly the path Mike is following with this album.

Here are some examples of the music on this album to come:

Support Mike’s debut album by visiting the Kickstarter campaign page and learn more about the ways you can help.

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