Mortishead - silver - bloodI think the logo speaks for itself when I say that this is a band that you shouldn’t take lightly. In world where music is mostly a load of crap held in a bucket (mainly mainstream radio music), there is a whole other genre of music that can def let you out of your cage if you want to just escape from the real world. I am talking about the genre of music that we have hailed as Speed/Gothic/Intense Metal. This is one genre of music that, well, to be honest, you may get a little freaked out about if you are not familiar with it. The band Mortishead came onto the scene back in 2014 and they have not stopped yet. From my understanding, this is the band that you do not want to piss off, nor do you want to piss their fans off.


Official Bio:

Their sound, of biological radiation mixed with a little trauma combine to create the sound of brain damaging and eardrum pulsating beats and they are soon becoming one of Bristol’s most exciting musical exports. Making mouth cringing music, these 6 vicious lads are starting to make the European agencies quiver with their musical ability that will soon take over the minds of all the pretty reckless youth of Europe.


My Review

Most people who are into the mainstream radio crap def won’t get what this band is all about. Some bands make music to get famous; Some bands make music to become the leaders of the free world, well, MORTISHEAD makes music because it’s fucking awesome and that’s that. They really do have an interesting way of expressing their anger. Hell, if you are having a bad day at work and you are wanting to vent out and fantasize about destroying your office, put some Mortishead on and you will succeed in what you are wanting to dream about. But be careful, the music is so intense, that you might just wake up in a pool of blood and surrounded by the bodies of the people that once called you names and possibly the women that turned you down due to their slutness.

I absolutely love Mortishead. Don’t get me wrong, I do love my pop music and all, but every now and then, I like to vent; I like to let out my anger and just scream to the heavens; I like to think about taking my anger out on all those that said I would never make it into anything. That’s why there is the band, Mortishead. When I want to just let loose, this is the band I go to. This is metal at it’s finest and I do think all the metalheads of the world will agree with me when I say that MORTISHEAD is a force to be handled with care! Their music is not for the faint of heart.

Their recent release of their EP , Gorenado and Blood Drive single surely hits the metal heads heart.

  1. ALL SEEING FUCK: By far the greatest metal head song ever created.
  2. EAT SHIT : Basically for all the haters in your life. They hit the nail on the head with this track.
  3. GORENADO : Just the right amount of melody mix with pulsating guitar riffs to make you cream your pants.
  4. BLOOD DRIVE : One of the best metalcore songs there is, it’s up there with the first track.


Final Thoughts About Mortishead

Like I have said before, this is not the type of music for the faint of heart. They are amazing in their own right and deserve more exposure! (that’s just my opinion) Mortishead combines what I call a little of “Hate” rock with “Vengeance” rock, due to the persona of how the music is coming across. Like a lot of people, I have my own inner demons, and when I listen to Mortishead, all of these feelings are set free. The music is different and hardcore at the same time. Again, not everyone, possibly including you, will not like this style of music and that’s okay. This is the type of music that will amp you up and/or bring you to a place that you’ve never been before. I LOVE MORTISHEAD and there’s nothing more I can really say about it. I give this band a 5/5 FUCK YEAH STARS!

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Mortishead: Squashing Headless Apes!
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