Music Reviews


TRAE – Back 2 the Start Again

Well, the Hits and The Artist just keep on coming to us here at the music reviews. Good thing about this is we get secured new and amazing music. Today is some of the pain a new artist who goes by the name of T...
Dobie records

My Everything – Dobie

Hey everyone! I hope the new school year is treating your kids very well! Today we have a little bit of techno and a little bit of dubstep mixed in with pop music. The track I am talking about today, would be the track by Dobie entitled My Everything. This ...
T LUXX - "Your Love is My High"

TLUXX – Your Love Is My High

Hey, EVERYONE! As the summer is winding down, it is time to listen to a song that will soothe your summer cravings of House and Dance music. During the summer of 2017, there really wasn't a lot of dance music t...
Martell Lacey

Martell Lacey – Spell On Me

The summer is just about up and well , we have a closing song for the summer that I believe is just right for ya. We have a new singer who goes by the name of Martell Lacey who has released a new single called ...
Guest Actors

Guest Actors – By Demand

Have you ever woken up one morning and have been like, 'Man I want to listen to some Jazz music!' , if not it's still okay. Today we are reviewing an artist who has a sense of jazz with a mix of pop like I have never heard before. It combines so full music wit...
Jo-B Sebastian

Jo-B Sebastian – “Ghøst”

Hello everyone! I hope all my readers and fans are having one hell of a summer. It's about that time to where the kids are ready to go back to school, and if you're a parent, just as I am, I am one hundred perc...
Nadia I Left My Heart in California

Nadia – I Left My Heart in California

Hi all, I think I Left My Heart In California! Well, not really, but this is the new single by the beautiful artist Nadia. This summer we have received a buttload of new single and albums from artists to review on here, like I've said in the past some artis...