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Amaal Singh - "Need It Too"

Amaal Singh – “Need It Too”

Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying your holiday season this year! This new singer hails from Washington and is currently studying music. This artist goes by Amaal Singh and he has released a new single entitled, "Need It Too". The song deals with depres...

Living Trust – The Heavens

Hey everyone! I sure hope your bellies are full from this previous Thanksgiving turkey! Today we have an artist that is very unique and I say that to the most extreme. Have you ever heard of song where the lyri...
Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor “SOBER”

Hey everyone today we have a new singer who goes by the name of Ann Taylor. She has released her new single entitled, Sober. This song is a very good song and I know I say this a lot but she has a unique voice with this type of genre of music. I can't reall...

Akash-Text Me

Hey everyone I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season, Thanksgiving is literally next week so I hope this article feels your bellies up just as much as all the turkeys will. Let's dive into this new rap...
Elizabeth Anne Mall [ EAM ]

Elizabeth Anne Mall – VIVRE

Hello my wonderful readers! Today I have a new singer songwriter that is amazing singer. Her name is Elizabeth Anne Mall and she has just released her new EP entitled, VIVRE. Let's dive into the EP right now! Take Me Away This is a song that is inspiring...

Surilee – Wild Lilly

Every now and then we get a new artist that is completely unique and original. Today I believe we have found the most original artist that we have ever reviewed here on the site. There's a new artist in town an...