Emmanuel DALMAS

Emmanuel DALMAS Full EP Review

Hey everyone! Today we have an artist that will surely be pure glee to your ears. He comes from France and makes some damn good dance music. So let's get to it! Emmanuel DALMAS is a composer from the South W...
Crow Eats Man

Crow Eats Man – FULL EP REVIEW!

Hey everyone! So today we have a band that is young and talented and they are bound to set the world on fire. The band goes by the name of, Crow Eats Man. Here are the listing of the band members: Member/Ins...


Happy holidays everyone I hope everyone had a good Christmas, Kwanzaa and any other special holiday out there. Today I am reviewing an amazing band called, Ravenscroft. They have released two new singles entitl...
Elizabeth Anne Mall [ EAM ]

Elizabeth Anne Mall – VIVRE

Hello my wonderful readers! Today I have a new singer songwriter that is amazing singer. Her name is Elizabeth Anne Mall and she has just released her new EP entitled, VIVRE. Let's dive into the EP right no...
hooyoosay - Mountain Air EP

hooyoosay New EP Release

hooyoosay released their latest EP entitled Mountain Air, hooyoosay is a music recording project, having a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators and cover many different musical styles. It wa...
In Silent Agony

In Silent Agony – Album Review

Do you ever turn on the radio and hear a band and you are honestly not sure what you are listening to? Well recently this happened to me. I am a fan of metal and rock and sometimes screamo, but this band just d...
Peter DeCurtins

Peter DeCurtins – Soulful Rock

So every now and then we get artists that want us to review their music, recently we received an email and I just had to get this review out. One thing that I love about the new artists coming up these days wou...