hooyoosay - Mountain Air EP

hooyoosay New EP Release

hooyoosay released their latest EP entitled Mountain Air, hooyoosay is a music recording project, having a variety of unnamed and frequently changing collaborators and cover many different musical styles. It wa...
In Silent Agony

In Silent Agony – Album Review

Do you ever turn on the radio and hear a band and you are honestly not sure what you are listening to? Well recently this happened to me. I am a fan of metal and rock and sometimes screamo, but this band just d...
Peter DeCurtins

Peter DeCurtins – Soulful Rock

So every now and then we get artists that want us to review their music, recently we received an email and I just had to get this review out. One thing that I love about the new artists coming up these days wou...
Tim Qualls

Tim Qualls – Say You Love Me

Write at Gunpoint I get a hell of a lot of review requests from several artists from around the world. Sometimes the people we get are , well, not so good. Other artists that we get in our emails, are absolute...

Nashville Rising Country Duo: Towne

TOWNE Towne in the studio We here at TheMusic.Reviews were recently contacted about a new country pop duo. Me, being a fan of all types of music, I decided to give it a go and see what this country band co...
Nick Driver Acoustic Mixtape

Nick Driver – Acoustic Mixtape

Singer-songwriter Nick Driver from North Carolina, is most definitely one of the most dedicated and hardworking young talents out there today, with a total of 3 studio albums and 1 B-Sides in just a matter of 3...
Belle Vex 15 Minute of Fame

Belle Vex 15 Minute of Fame

Belle Vex is a born and raised Massachusetts pop rock artist. Vex began his music career at a very early age all the way to a BS degree in Audio Production. Later on in his life while living in California, Vex ...