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Wolvo feat. DAYVID - "Nothin Right"

Wolvo feat. DAYVID – “Nothin Right”

Everyone, I hope everyone is having an awesome week. Unfortunately for me I have to go to work all this week, But it's okay, I'm making money! Today, I found a new artist and honestly he is one of the artists. ...

Dondi – Imagine That

Hello everyone! This is my first post in this month of February and I am happy to share with you an artist I recently came across. Before I go into the review, I wanna say that as a fan of pop and soul music, I tend to be very critical towards that type of mus...
Krysle Lip

Krysle Lip -New Single Review – WITCHES

Hello again! First off, right off the back, I want to thank everyone that reads these articles! Some of the music that we review is not for everyone, but sometimes just sometimes we receive an artist that is ab...
Marlena Anna

Marlena Anna – “Habitual” EP Review

I love all of my readers, I hope everyone is having an awesome new year! I know I've said that previously, but you never know people may still be getting over the hangover from the new year's night. Today I found an artist reminds me of what music on the radio...
SlowFall Music

SlowFall -Speak Up

Hello my wonderful readers, I was wondering if everyone was having an awesome new year!? Do you ever find a random band online and it makes you think of a time in your life when things were better? Well I have ...
Pauline Frechette - A Song For Michael

Pauline Frechette – A Song For Michael

Hello my wonderful readers, I sincerely hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season! No I wasn't going to do any new reviews this year. I was going to take a couple days off, and just chill with my family and enjoy our time together. But recently I ...