Music Reviews


Surilee – Wild Lilly

Every now and then we get a new artist that is completely unique and original. Today I believe we have found the most original artist that we have ever reviewed here on the site. There's a new artist in town an...

Introducing Bri

Hello everyone I hope you are enjoying the cold weather and the cold front here in the United States! Today we have a new artist who goes by the name of Bri, A talented singer songwriter and actress based in Lo...
A Silver Lining

A Silver Lining – “Don’t Let Me Down’

Hello everyone! I hope this fall weather is hitting you in a cold spot 2 make the summer weather feel just a little bit better that now it is going away. Today I have a new band, I found a new sound. Inspired by bands like Panic at the Disco and Avenged Sevenf...
Richard Lynch

Richard Lynch – CUT & PASTE

Hey everyone out there in the music loving world! Down here in Texas it's getting a lot cooler than I ever expected, and with that being said I was in the mood for a little pick-me-up country music, you know, j...

TRAE – Back 2 the Start Again

Well, the Hits and The Artist just keep on coming to us here at the music reviews. Good thing about this is we get secured new and amazing music. Today is some of the pain a new artist who goes by the name of T...
Jessica Domingo

Jessica Domingo – “Wonderland”

Hey everyone, I hope this year is winding down to a very glorious ending! Today I have an artist that was recently brought to my attention. I usually love and adore new female singers and this one I definitely love! Jessica Domingo has released a new single en...
Dobie records

My Everything – Dobie

Hey everyone! I hope the new school year is treating your kids very well! Today we have a little bit of techno and a little bit of dubstep mixed in with pop music. The track I am talking about today, would be t...