Charles Wright

Charles Wright : Soul Brought Back

I have one question for you guys out there, when you think of Soul music, who comes to mind? Well, I have a new artist that might make ya wanna get back into the thinking mind of The Temptations. The artist I a...
Eddy Mann

Eddy Mann – You, You Make Me Feel

Eddy Mann’s Delves the Consequences of Our Actions Eddy Mann is a songwriter, worship leader & teacher with a vision of hope, peace and understanding through the eyes of a loving heart. Eddy led worship f...

Song Release : Blue Moon Harem

Blue Moon Harem Recently I was approached about a new band called, Blue Moon Harem. They are an Alternative Rock band that has a member, Jonathan Bix, formerly of the hit band, Misguided Youth. His presence in...
Rayn Helmans

Ryan Helman’s Hi Viz

Ryan Helman is a British born singer songwriter, from Harrow .He is widely known for his distinct late 70s guitar sounding music. With influences from The Beatles, The Kinks, Four Seasons, Chas n Dave, Squeeze,...