So while searching online I saw that there was this new band that I have never heard of (Click the image above to hear the song). As I pressed the link , my ears began to glow with an euphoric feeling. I have b...
Lily Lambert

Lily Lambert : Moving On

The other day I came across a new singer that caught my ear. It kind of made me think about the new singers that were on the radio. Some of the notes weren't perfect and some were just a little off, but it was ...
Charles Wright

Charles Wright : Soul Brought Back

I have one question for you guys out there, when you think of Soul music, who comes to mind? Well, I have a new artist that might make ya wanna get back into the thinking mind of The Temptations. The artist I a...
Eddy Mann

Eddy Mann – You, You Make Me Feel

Eddy Mann’s Delves the Consequences of Our Actions Eddy Mann is a songwriter, worship leader & teacher with a vision of hope, peace and understanding through the eyes of a loving heart. Eddy led worship f...