Towne in the studio

Towne in the studio

We here at TheMusic.Reviews were recently contacted about a new country pop duo. Me, being a fan of all types of music, I decided to give it a go and see what this country band could do for me. Well, my instincts were right, and this group known as TOWNE, blew my country mind away!

Being a fan of country, I always try to find new artists that peak my interest. This group here, def does it for me. A soulful voice and a quiet instrumentation of music combines to form a sound that has never been heard of before. These two singers/song writers have a uniqueness that will surely hit that country loving bone in your body.

An EP to Die for

The following is their EP tracklist:

Runnin’ Into You
All About Us
Messed Up
The Rest
The One I Love

Even though there are only 5 songs on this EP, it will leave you craving more from TOWNE. And the cool thing is you listen to the full EP on YouTube!



They are managed by Harmon Music Management, ran by Rusty Harmon and their marketing team is PLA MEDIA.

“Founded in 1985 by music industry icon Pam Lewis, PLA Media is an award-winning, full-service publicity and marketing company, dedicated to placing (and keeping) our clients in a positive media spotlight. PLA has coordinated campaigns and creative projects including major label and independent artists, celebrities, best-selling authors, special events, TV and radio hosts, corporations, restaurants and more. We have organized strategic high-profile local, regional and national campaigns that included segments on major networks, cable, print, syndicated online and radio outlets.”- PLA MEDIA PRESS RELEASE
PLA MEDIA has a select few artists that by far surpass all artists out there. In the next few months I will be reviewing all of their artists. The talent they represent is unlike any other firm out there. The singers and song writers they represent have a talent that can’t even be compared to the artists you hear on mainstream radio.

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this country duo is that this is the type of music that should be created in everyday of our lives. The harmonies from these two singers fit into what  I  would like to call the harmony of life meaning, when their voices are harmonizing, it sends a calmness through your body and lets you hear the creativity within each song they sing. It’s not often that you hear someone sing that gives you this type of feeling. This ep is by far one of the best ep’s on the inde market. You feel as if they are singing  just to you. The presence of pure country is found in towne’s music. They are what country represents and they are definitely what country music should be defined as. You can quote me on this by saying ,”They will be receiving a cma award and/or a grammy for best new country act in the future. I give this country duo a 5/5 stars due to the amazing talent that arises once you hear their music.

I want to give a special shout out and thank you to their marketing team at PLA MEDIA for reaching out to me and showing me what real country music is. Brittney Wilkerson is by far the most professional woman I have encountered through a marketing firm that represents their clients. She has a way of speaking through email that makes you want to listen to any artist she mentions. She needs a big promotion PLA MEDIA! She does her job well and keeps in contact with us the way a marketing firm should.

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Nashville Rising Country Duo: Towne
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