If you haven’t heard of Vincent Dean yet you certainly have heard him. The singer/songwriter has made a successful career for years of penning promotional songs and jingles for major brands such as Nivea, Quince, and Clearasil. After over a decade of also playing in bands and performing live, 2016 sees Vincent stepping full force into the spotlight himself with his upcoming solo record, Colours For Jasmin.

Born on the island of Mallorca, having spent years abroad in Europe and the United States before parking himself in Germany, Vincent Dean is truly cosmopolitan and his baritone vocals carry traces of everywhere he has lived and performed. Somewhere between Mick Jagger and Prince, he is at times equally seductive and sincere, smoky and soulful.

“Missing You” is Vincent’s lead single off of the Colours For Jasmin record. A fusion of authentic soul class and modern pop playfulness, Vincent croons over fun, danceable rhythms and snappy Strat licks. Having graduated from the esteemed Los Angeles campus of the Musicians Institute & Academy, you can hear profound virtuosity woven into his accessible brand of funky pop without overshadowing the catchiness of the single’s hooks. Filmed in Hamburg and shot in black and white, the visual motif of the music video perfectly reflects the beauty of “Missing You”’s smooth harmonies and soaring vocals.

Check out Vincent Dean’s unique brand of funk-influenced pop in the “Missing You” video (click main image above) and expect his Colours For Jasmin record release on July 22, 2016.

New Video from Vincent Dean - Missing You
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