What happens when you get a paranormal group and some rock bands?


What happens when you get a paranormal group and some rock bands? The answer is, you get an awesome mix of rocking ghosts! Recently on todays T.V. programs, there are several ghost hunting shows that premier each season. Well there is one show that is premiering for it’s second season on youtube. This show would be , “Beyond The Heartbeat”, created by Shawn Landreneau And Nadine Stanford. These two people have gifts that I can’t even describe to you without you thinking I am bat shit crazy. The reason I say this, is because most people have their regular senses: Smell, sight, feeling ..etc…; Well Shawn and Nadine possess other senses that keeps them in-tune with the after life. Most people may look at this as malarky, well from personal experience, this is 100% accurate. They are interlinked with the after life and things we cannot see with our eyes. Okay, so you may be asking yourself what does this have to do with music? Well sit back, relax and read, I am about to tell you how !


With the success of their first season of BOTHB , O.T.E.S.S. is venturing out to get bands from around the world that will be featured on their show. Recently, the band , AGES APART signed up to be on their soundtrack and featured in the promos and several episodes. Along with Ages Apart and the band GHOST OF APRIL are signed up with the show to be featured on their soundtrack.


Opportunity of a Lifetime

The Group O.T.E.S.S. is trying to raise funds for their premier of the first episode of Season 2. They are wanting to travel to Waverly Hills Sanatorium, one of the most haunted places in America. Below is a link to the GoFundMe Campaign. The coolest thing about this is that whoever donates , gets an opportunity to go to the investigation with the group, oh and did I mention the band, AGES APART will be joining them? They are going to be featured on the premier episode and also on the series sound track! That is one hell of a deal! Click the GoFundMe Logo to head to their Campaign.


support O.T.E.S.S on gofundme


The O.T.E.S.S. Members:

Alpha Team

Bravo Team

Season 1 Episodes






Final Thoughts

As you can see why I wrote an article on this group. Music is a big part of this series. The first season has an opening created by Danny Field, An International Film Festival Award Winner for Best Animated Zombie Rock Musical called, DARKEST DAYS. The opening band is the rock group, Ghost Of April. They are seeking more talent for season 2 and also their new show entitled, Beyond The Myth, stay tuned to their official wesbite for details! With their new film company, De-Fib Films, they have a bright future ahead of them. Their video production is on key with Hollywood Editors and their style is on par with any T.V. Show there is today.

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