Hello my wonderful readers, I sincerely hope that everyone is having an amazing holiday season! No I wasn’t going to do any new reviews this year. I was going to take a couple days off, and just chill with my family and enjoy our time together. But recently I was approached to do a review on this new artist. Now you may think that all I like to write about is rock music and heavy-metal music of that sort. Well, I have news for you, I have a soft side.

Pauline Frechette – A Song For Michael Touched My Soul

Last week I was introduced with a new artist called Pauline Frechette, a classically trained artist to say the least. Her new tune that she released has honestly touched my soul. With the first piano hit or should I say cheese, it really makes you want to think about the people that you have lost in your life. Now I never thought that a song without lyrics would ever make me feel the way that I do, when I listen to this song. The tune is entitled, Song For Michael. I must say, that the music will take your mind to a whole new place that you probably aren’t used to. I’m warning you! when you listen to this song, all the feelings that you have for the ones that you love that have passed away, will most likely come back just like it happened to me when I listened to it for the first time. Honestly, that’s not putting the song down. I really enjoy songs like this. Now as  I have said before, this music makes me feel really different, unlike any other song that I have ever heard. I think the best compliment that I can give Pauline Frechette, is that her music cannot be defined. What I mean by that is by each song that you hear from her channels a whole new area of your life.

Pauline Frechette is from Hammon,  Indiana and she has several brothers and sisters. I guess the best way to describe where she’s from and what her family is like, is to say that she had to find her niche in her family. And the way she comes across in her music, it is certainly shown that she strives to be the bright light within her siblings. I couldn’t agree more than what the critics are saying about this woman. She is beautiful, she is classically trained. Her music choice of playing cannot be defined as one musical genre.

Final Thoughts

I guess you can tell that I feel very strongly about this artist. And honestly, I know I say honestly a lot but I do mean it, I really feel like I am attached to her. When she hits the piano key or when you hear the baseline in a jazz type song. You feel you are connected with her and you were right there by her while she is playing. As an artist myself it is hard to connect to the audience and convey the type of emotion that you were trying to put out there. I have never in my life as a professional music critic have heard anyone touch my heart the way that she does when I hear her songs. Pauline hits every note perfectly and flawlessly. This new release will hit you where you least expect it.

I encourage you to listen to this song, and show everyone you can. Due to the nature of this song you will feel that feeling that you might have been searching for – for a very long time.

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Jack Saint

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