Happy holidays everyone I hope everyone had a good Christmas, Kwanzaa and any other special holiday out there. Today I am reviewing an amazing band called, Ravenscroft. They have released two new singles entitled ‘The Chase’ and ‘ My Dearest One’ from the upcoming EP “Rebel” that is set to be released January 2018. So let’s get to the review of these two new singles!

The Chase

First off, this band is a rock band that will remind you of the 80’s hair band style mixed with the sound of Shinedown, Hinder and a taste of Nickleback. (I love this bands style). This song is a hard rocking song that will get you motivated to go kick some major ass. The lyrics to this song, will make you want to go chase that one thing in your life that you want. Because in life sometimes it’s about the prize at the end of the tunnel, but sometimes it’s about the chase to get to the prize that makes you going to appreciate the prize even more. The song is the one song you want to listen to while you’re working out in the early morning to wake up. I also believe this could be the song that could be your Anthem in your everyday Walk of Life, because it has a settle message of always getting what you want and to never give up because in life, sometimes it really is all about the chase.

My Dearest One

If you are a fan of the band Bon Jovi, and this is a song for you. It has a good vibe and a good message to all people who are in love. After listening to this song you’re going to feel the love that you have for your partner or any special person in your life because anyone could be your dearest one. With all the songs these days talking about sex and talking about adult situations, finally they come to song that you can relate to in your life and with your relationship with the one you love. The song could mean a lot, not just a partner but can mean your dearest one is your children or your parents. It really doesn’t specify which dearest one that could be, but I like the tone of it could be literally anyone. It has that 80s style Vibe mixed in with the new age Sensibility. This is a song that I could hear on an 80s classic rock station and also on a new age rock hit station.


I really look forward to hearing more from this band, they have a style that you don’t really hear anymore and you actually yearn for in the music these days. If you want to get that good rock and vibe from a band, this is the band to listen to. This is the band of 2018. Rock has come back thanks to, Ravenscroft.

Let us know what you think about the songs below in the comments and we look forward to hearing what you have to say about this band. Have an amazing New Year’s and be safe out there!

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