Seeing all the latest gadgets for iPhone’s and mobile apps makes you want to have them all? Just like all the musicians out there, especially guitar and bass players that can’t keep there hands off a new pedal effect they just saw or heard played and they must have it too…

Shure’s New Motiv Digital Microphones Line

The new Shure MV88 iPhone Mic

The new Shure MV88 iPhone Mic

Today Shure announced at CES the new MV88 iOS Digital Stereo condenser microphone, and a bunch of new Motiv line of Apple plug-and-play devices. It comes with a free app that enables you to fine tune the MV88’s performance in real time with numerous preset modes, gain adjustment, and more mic controls.

Although Shure has a brand history with music’s greatest moments, do you see yourselves doing more than a new song draft or a nice rehearsal video with these nice looking devices?

Watch the video here

Are You Sure You Want to Record Your Album with an iPhone Mic?
I'm defeintly gonna try and record a song with this
If I'll get it as a present I'll probably play with it
Looks decent for homedae practice
I tried it and it's awsome!
1.8Are You Sure You'll Record an Album This Way?
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