New .BAND Domain Names Our Now Available to Purchase

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What do you think about domain name?

Rightside, a provider of domain name services introduced .BAND to the global music industry. You can now buy a domain with your bands name, example RadioHead.BAND and perhaps get your hands on really great names before they are snapped. When searching for your precious .COM domain you might find prices rising to thousands of dollars in some cases, and in most cases they are already taken.

.BAND will give you an opportunity for a unique and catchy name that suits your needs, just like
Imagine talking on a radio show and at the end tell the audience to learn more about you and your band on your website and go to MyName.Band instead of, say it out loud and see how it feels.

.COM vs New TLD Domain Names

Like everything in the SEO world, experts will give you the pros and cons about almost anything you do, so the use of unique TLD’s is still debatable, a certain expert will say it’s not good for SEO reasons while Google or others might say it’s perfectly fine and recommended. Like every other business choice you make, our recommendation is to purchase wisely and research the web for more info, you can start by reading this article and continue from there.

Good luck with finding the right domain name for you, and let the games begin…

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