Hey everyone out there in the music loving world! Down here in Texas it’s getting a lot cooler than I ever expected, and with that being said I was in the mood for a little pick-me-up country music, you know, just to make the setting perfect for down here.

I came across a new artist that I believe is possibly the next big thing to come out of the state of Texas. Richard Lynch has released a new video of his single entitled, Cut & Paste. This is a song about a coming-of-age failed relationship. He talks about wanting to talk to her face to face, but instead she decides to text him and use technology to her advantage. With all the technology that is out there today she uses it to hurt him instead of getting her feelings out like a normal person would.

The video is not a bad video for the song. Could the quality have been a little better, I guess that depends on your standards of music videos. If you like music videos that they have women in bikinis and obviously expensive cars, then this music video will not be for you. It tells the story, it gets to the point, it is Cut & Paste.

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Jack Saint

Richard Lynch - CUT & PASTE
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