RMZ Keez NataS releases his new single, On Lock, yet with a minimalistic musical approach, the powerful but yet controversial lyrics get the stage to shine.

To be honest we had some doubts here at themusic.reviews if to publish the song on our platform or not, should we write an honest review of the music, where some of our staff found it to be too offensive. But music is art, and we all believe that as long as we have free speech and the internet as a platform that allows us to express ourselves freely, and when the music does not encourage violence, sex abuse, racism  or anything that relates to that, we would like to let the lyrics speak for themselve.

Please take a careful listen and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Representing RoMeZHooD RevolutionaryMotivationZone, RMZ Keez Natas grew up in a Rastafarian family and lives by most principles adhering to Haile Selassie’s speech about no deity (no GODS or IDOLS) worshipping.


RMZ Keez Natas took the oath in his self-expression of 666 which is a movement that promotes self-worship , Self-Reliance, the willingness to risk your own life to maintain integrity of the movement and banishes the idea of worshipping any so-called deity’s.


RMZ Keez NataS - On Lock
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