“Bass is more than just a guitar with two fewer strings. It has a different tone, scale length, feel and musical role, and in many cases it requires a different conceptual and technical approach…” (Guitar World)

Not every day we focus on a solo instrument, especially not bass, today at themusic.reviews  we are happy to introduce Roberto Fasciani, an Italian bass player arranger, and composer.

Fasciani graduated from the Percentomusica di Roma. Born in 1979, he began playing bass at the age of fifteen, and studied with bass masters as M. Moriconi, G. Gullotto, L. Pirozzi, M. Siniscalco, M. Guarini, A. Avena, C. Zaratti and M. Fedeli.


Roberto Fasciani on stage (Photos from Roberto Fasciani official Facebook page)

His professional career includes collaborating and performing among the greatest of Italian musician and various international artists, the list is long, here are a few of the names we could gather;

BFH (M. Boco e M. Hedberg), F. Frizzi e Octopus Orchestra, Orchestra Nazionale, M. Conidi, Novembre, Hydra, Echoes of Sound, Steel Seal, Dunwich, Aenema, JS, Black Stars and Vatna Jokull.


Fasciani popularity extends beyond the boundaries of Italy, his  complex bass riffs, and an extensive knowledge of techniques bringing his powerhouse bass player and unique signature tone.
Roberto is highly appreciated for his instrumental skills by all of his audience. He has earned his name as a skilled bass player and his expertise in bass can encompass the listener in the beautiful melodies generated from alluring mixture of bass strings.

Fasciani teaches bass guitar at the Artidee, Music Village Institute, and Octopus Music Factory in Rome, and also as a private teacher.

In the featured song below, The Tree of Life, written by Fasciani,  all tracks played by him only on bass guitar, except keys and drums.

Let us know what you think about Roberto Fasciani’s music, the importance of bass in your music you listen to, and anything else that comes to your mind.

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Roberto Fasciani - The Tree of Life
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