After the most recent EP release “Say You Love Me”, Tim Qualls returns to us with his new highly anticipated video carrying the EP title “Say You Love Me” (Click the image above to watch the video).

Ever since the release of his debut 2010 EP, “This is Our Land”, Tim Qualls has been one of the Houston music scene’s fastest rising talents, and this video features some of Houston local talent featuring a local Houston Dance teacher Katy Thoroughman, and shot by Houston local Filmmaker Justin Betancourt at The West Studios.  As mentioned on our previous review of the EP, Tim Qualls presents a soulful voice that stands out among the many new artists out there today.

A Houston Star

Tim Qualls journey of the local Houston music scene led him back in 2008 to win Sam Houston State’s “Battle of the Bands”. Later 2010 Tim won Houston Press Music Awards “Best New Act”. In that same year he was also nominated for “Best Songwriter”, and “Best Male Vocalist”.

In such a crowded music scene as Houston has to offer, it’s no doubt that Tim Qualls success does not come from talent alone, but from hard work and dedication that came to a rise on “Say You Love Me”, there for there was no doubt that we could expect less from the official video and it’s production.

The longing for a lovers affection and the simple need to hear someone announcing his or hers love to us comes to life from the soulful lyrics to a simple but yet colorful video that was partly shot at the Sugar and Cloth Color Wall in Houston that was recently shot down, and now for ever will be captured in the video.

Katy Thoroughman delicate dancing completes Tim Qualls lyrics, the combination of circling dance moves and the often background color changes behind Tim as he performs his song, creates a unified language that Justin Betancourt masterfully brought to life in this beautiful video.

Watch a short video of “behind the scenes” from Tim Qualls Instagram page.

A video posted by Tim Qualls (@timquallsmusic) on

After listening to Tim’s delicate and soulful voice, it is some what surprising watching him on the video, since it brings to us a rough Houston manly look – this all combines into the whole package of who Tim Qualls is, a gentle soul that is not afraid to reveal itself to the world.

No doubt that we already are huge fans of Tim Qualls and his music, and can’t wait to hear, and see what he brings as next.


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