Who Is Shaina Rhodes?

Shaina Rhodes is a country singer hailing from Texas that lives in Nashville and has just released her first Country/Pop EP. She is an artist that a lot of younger girls will relate to. The best way I can describe her style is by asking you a question, and that question is , What happens when you mix the new Miley Cyrus with the style of Country Music? Well the answer you will get, would be Shaina Rhodes!

She is an artist that I personally like, not just cause she beautiful as hell and has a sexiness that would make a grown man drool, it’s because her music is actually good. She has an attitude in her songs that singers these days are afraid of. Her style is so unique that I can only describe her as the Miley Cyrus of real Country Music (and that is not a put down by any means).

Shaina Rhodes

Shaina Rhodes (source: shainarhodes.com)

Why You Need to Download Her EP?

Are you tired of hearing the same old country/blues music that sometimes puts you to sleep? Well she is your answer to a new age of country. She has a voice that can’t be mimicked. She has a look that hasn’t been seen by country music and she is an awesome person to know. I have had the pleasure of messaging her back and forth, and I must say, she is one of the nicest singers that I have ever contacted. Based on just that, I think you’re missing out if you don’t research her and download her music.


Where Can I Find Her Music?

You can easily find her music on iTunes and also on the Android Google Play Network. She also has a youtube, facebook  &  instagram page.

Final Thoughts

Shaina Rhodes

Shaina Rhodes (source: shainarhodes.com)

Shaina Rhodes is what country music needs. For so long, it has been lacking that certain rawness and lacking musical talent. Her music will hit the younger generation who are tired of hearing classic country music. This is the music that they can actually relate to. She’s a beautiful woman and she has an awesome voice. I def recommend everyone and anyone who likes real music to check her out. So, Shaina Rhodes, You have my utmost support and I hope to see you at the CMA’s SOON !

As Always – Jack Saint


Shaina Rhodes Sets New Standard for Country!
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