Hello, my wonderful readers of this amazing music site. I cannot wait to discuss this new artist that was brought to me by our editor.

No sometimes, like another post I say, I have to go and do a little bit of research on the artist that is presented to me to review. But sometimes, one song just catches me and I just go literally apeshit because of how amazing the singer and the songwriting is within the song as a whole.  I could jabber all day long about how music is presented to me, but I will spare you that gibberish. I am talking about a new band entitled Smoking Martha. They have a new single and a music video released called “Say You’re Mine” .

Honestly, when I was first approached about this band I figured they would be the similar Paramore and Evanescence type of music. But I was so wrong, I was dead wrong, I was stupidly wrong. The lead singer of Smoking Martha takes you to a place that you never knew existed within your mind when you hear her lyrics and the way she sings the songs melodies. It hits you kind of like a wave out of nowhere, like when you’re standing on the beach and your feet get super cold and wet and you just don’t know what to do. I know that description was a little out there, but when you hear this song  you will most likely fate because of how beautiful the singer is, not to mention her vocal ability, is pretty bad ass compared to a lot of female fronted bands. Now there’s always the stipulation that the female that is leading the band is just a pretty face that is singing music, well that stipulation for this man is fucking wrong.

Smoking Martha takes you to a place with a melodic memory that will hit your soul and make you want to search and download and buy and watch all of their music videos. Trust me when you hear her saying that first note, you will be excited you heard her sing!

Check out “Say You’re Mine” video and let us know what you think below in the comments!

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-As Always- Jack Saint

Smoking Martha 'is' Good for Me!
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