SONGMAN Stories of Dedication Towards a Positive Change in Areas of Conflict

A unique and inspiring new crowdfunding campaign in times of sour and conflict has emerged, SONGMAN wants to bring us the stories of people who dedicate their lives towards positive change in areas of conflict and social injustice. Each interaction of the SONGMAN with these remarkable people will be also documented on film.

SONGMAN will invite the viewer to engage in each story that will be told through song and a 7-9 minute documentary movie, concentrating on the life, agenda, purpose and actions of the people being portrayed.

While Traveling in India Daniel Dor, an Israeli musician met Antwan – A peace activist based in Bethlehem. As an Israeli, Daniel never had a friend from the other side of the border, and this experience alone was refreshing, comforting and mind opening for them both. After spending time together, exchanging ideas and feelings over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an urge to write ‘Antwan’s song’ came.

This led to the realization that other people’s inspirational stories can inspire both music and song, and have the power to communicate a vision of brotherhood unmatched by any other medium.

Introducing SONGMAN – Chapter One

Exposed to violence inflicted by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Antwan, a peace activist based in Bethlehem, chose a caring path, making his influence by promoting non-violent communication in Palestinian and Israeli community. Antwan’s Song is composed and sung by an Israeli musician, connecting to his Palestinian Neighbor.

Support SONGMAN and Get Involved

Help and support the activities of SONGMAN – visiting their Crowdfunding site you will help find these inspiring brave men, take the time to study their work in order to write their songs, produce and create their films.

You can join and follow SONGMAN @Facebook

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