Soundbrenner, a team of musicians and technologists from Berlin, started the project with a dream of creating a technology that will help musicians become even better musicians.

Within a year of development using the help of many musicians, they are now seeking funding on Indiegogo.

Soundbernner Pulse

syncs between smartphones and entire band

The Soundbrenner looks just like a large smartwatch that can be strapped around your arm or a leg. The device can also be removed from the strap and placed in a pocket or elsewhere. With a color-changing LED and pulse vibration it allows musicians to practice and preform with precise beat, and taking advantage of modern technology via Bluetooth can be synced to smartphones, allowing pre-assigned presets for concerts and the ability to communicate with other devices, allowing an entire group to play on the same time BPM.

The Future of Stage Performance

Can you imagine going to a live show and seeing glowing devices on the artist arms as they play? Well why not. In-ear monitors are a most to any professional musician on stage today, and the drummer is almost always connected to a metronome device of a sort to keep the band in time, so this defiantly looks like a future accessory to any musician, either to practice or on stage.

Watch the Soundbrenner Indiegogo Video Campaign to Learn More

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