Here’s a quick question for you readers. What happens when you find out that you might have discovered a brand new sound of music? What I mean by that, is what happens when you hear a band and you don’t exactly know what type of genre you would classify them as. I believe I have found that one artist that is completely unique in every way. The style of the singer is so sensual, yet folky, yet rocky , but a little country at the same time. Readers, you are in for a treat. I found a band online that will most likely blow your mind. And I know I amp up bands all the time, but honestly, this band is one of those bands that I have never heard before. Their style will literally make you wonder who they sound  like, and the truth of the matter is, they are so original that they don’t sound like any other mainstream artist out there on the radio these days. I know, I know, you are wanting the name of this band huh? What if I keep describing the band without giving away the band name? Right about now, you are gazing to the title of this very article. Yes as you figured out, the band is Suits Boulevard!

Ocean Of Lights

Ocean Of Lights is one of those songs that will literally hit you like never before (click the image above to watch video and listen to the song). The type of style that this song is, is really hard to describe. I honestly love this band. The singer has this way of singing that will just send your ears into a euphoria and it will literally make you listen to the song and their other songs more and more. The fact that I can’t put my finger on who they sound like is quite an amazing thing , cause I listen to A LOT of music. The guitars and all the other instruments on this song is a real treat. This is the one song that will surely get them a grammy nomination!


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Jack Saint

Suits Boulevard - Ocean Of Lights
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