Tough On Fridays

Tough on Fridays – Lush

Alternative rock three piece Tough on Fridays, based out of Texas, manage to pack quite a wallop while coupling their sonic muscle to deceptively complex songwriting sparked by a touch of the personal. The band...
Emmanuel DALMAS

Emmanuel DALMAS Full EP Review

Hey everyone! Today we have an artist that will surely be pure glee to your ears. He comes from France and makes some damn good dance music. So let's get to it! Emmanuel DALMAS is a composer from the South W...
T LUXX - "Your Love is My High"

TLUXX – Your Love Is My High

Hey, EVERYONE! As the summer is winding down, it is time to listen to a song that will soothe your summer cravings of House and Dance music. During the summer of 2017, there really wasn't a lot of dance music t...
Wolvo feat. DAYVID - "Nothin Right"

Wolvo feat. DAYVID – “Nothin Right”

Everyone, I hope everyone is having an awesome week. Unfortunately for me I have to go to work all this week, But it's okay, I'm making money! Today, I found a new artist and honestly he is one of the artists. ...