Dealing With Reality band

Dealing With Reality band

It’s hard not be impressed with this young band and their way they actually deal with reality, seems like they took all the advice that’s out there for young aspiring musicians. Being a talented musician and working hard is basic for anyone out there who wants to succeed, but it’s not always enough.

Dealing With Reality grew their fan base using probably the best tool available for them (besides being on a reality show) and created a successful cover song of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ metal version, exposing them to new fans from all around the world.

Just Take Everything

These days the band is working on their debut album and now released their new single, ‘Just Take Everything’ showcasing their heavier side. The video telling the story of an obsessed fan seeking revenge, was created by the band with help of their friends on the video production indicates that it’s not all about the music, you have to learn what works, establish a fan base and get the help of every talent around you, and then together taking over the world suddenly becomes a possible reality.

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Taking Everything You Can While Dealing with Reality
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