First Meeting with Angels

I am very excited to share with you the new Israeli music sensation, The Angelcy, which conquered the number one spot of a few lists of best albums of 2014, both alternative and mainstream ones. Their story begins three and a half years ago, in a surprisingly good concert in an Israeli indie festival. Nobody really knew this band, that has a clarinet player, viola, bass and two drummers using one set of drums together. In the midst of this special combination you can find Rotem Bar Or, the singer and songwriter of the band, with his penetrating voice.

Being practically anonymous didn’t stop them from getting the whole crowd dancing with a big smile on their faces to music that is a mixture between Fleet Foxes’ beautiful soft rock, to Beirut’s sad cabaret sound, dominated by a singer with a unique voice. My most memorable moment from this concert was the song that used the crowd’s vocal abilities, when all the guys just go “pom pom” with their low bass voices, and the girls do “hoowiii” with their higher sopran.

Video from Indnegev Festival:

Ep Sold out Right after the First Concert

The band’s new ep’s were all sold out after this show. two and a half years later, and a few more great festival concerts,  The Angelcy produced a beautiful debut album, with songs that are catchy, sensitive and moving. The big smile on crowd’s faces remains, as their crowds become bigger and bigger, and their songs are aired repeatedly in Israel’s biggest radio stations, which I found pretty impressive for a new alternative band.

You can find yourself singing one of their songs quietly to yourself, with  lines like:  “I killed my mama and my papa too, my sweet papa..”, and wonder what was that you just said. Yes, The Angelcy lyrics are dark and full of soldiers, armies and dead parents, but also with plenty of angels, wolves, love and compassion, all covered with sweet melodies that sneak these somber words through the back door of your mind.

The Angelcy perform regularly in Israel, and came back from a summer tour in eastern Europe the last summer, after publishing their debut album, “Exit Inside”.

The Angelcy- Exit Inside, 2014
Different concerts at Indnegev Festival and Yearot Menashe Festival, Israel, 2011-2014

The Angelcy - Coming to Take You for a Flight in Their Dark Sweet World
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