Hey everyone, I hope this new school year for your little kiddos is going well! Today we have a new artist that released a new EP and we are going to get down and dirty, so let’s dig into The Singer and The Songwriter’s new EP entitled, Directions.

The Singer and The Songwriter, are a modern-folk duo of Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran based in San Francisco/Los Angeles, they have spent most of the last year touring the US.

Wild Heart

This song dives into an uncharted area of a journey. It talks about how you have to overcome struggle and have a wild heart. The singer’s voice in this song reminds me of the band Imagine Dragons for some reason. A good feel good song that I could def hear on the radio.

Give Love

This ‘bluesy’ esk song is exactly what the song title states. It talks about going through relationships and falling out of love. You might take the song as if the singer is singing about being in a relationship at that moment and to get through rough times, you just have to give love. Another take on the song is that when you are down and getting belittled, you have to shine through the hate. Def a song for the underdog.

Anywhere, Everywhere

This song has the folk sound that most people crave. With a feel of Janis Joplin mixed with the 70’s folk sound, it gives you the inspiration to follow your heart and take your partner’s hand and dive into the unknown. I love this song!

Worried No More

Now this is a rocking song that speaks about getting over little.tgings in life. Regardless of your situation you can just put it aside and not worry about. It basically talks about not having a care in the world because there are better things out there. It makes ya want to throw your hands in the air and let all the pain and struggle you’re going through go away.

Show Me The Mountain

This one has one of those feelings that you could hear in a movie and/or a TV series. I’d say it’s kind of an overcoming song. Breaking boundaries and pushing through anything that comes your way and letting you know that you can overcome anything.

Apparent Brightness

The last track of this EP is a hidden gem, starting off with a slight electronic vibe of groove created by acoustic instruments brightens your mood, slowly growing till the chorus breaks out with an explosion of energy. The sound design on this track has wrapped and summed the whole essence of this EP.

Final Thoughts

This EP has the potential to be an Indie Folk Treasure for years to come. I have no doubt that this band will do amazing in the folk genre of music. They have crisp and natural talent that shows through their lyrics and song.

If you would like to see them in concert, check out their tour dates below!

Tour Dates:

10.6 – Bellevue, WA – FAR-West Official Showcase
10.7 – Bellevue, WA – FAR-West New Voices Showcase
10.11 – Bellingham, WA – WWU Underground Coffeehouse
10.12 – Vancouver, BC – Guilt & Co.
10.13 – Vancouver, BC – Trees Organic Coffee
10.14 – Seattle, WA – Sofar Sounds
10.16 – Sisters, OR – The Open Door
10.17 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Pizza
10.20 – Willamina, OR – Wildwood Hotel
10.22 – Roseville, CA – The Acoustic Den
10.25 – El Cerrito, CA – Off the Grid Market

If you like what you’ve heard and see, let us know what you think below in the comments.

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