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I get a hell of a lot of review requests from several artists from around the world. Sometimes the people we get are , well, not so good. Other artists that we get in our emails, are absolutely amazing. Most but not all, completely baffle me when it comes to their musical ability. I hear some singers and I am wondering to myself, “Did daddy pay for you to go to singing lessons? If so, he needs a refund in FULL!”, then some singer/songwriters come my way and I am absolutely thrilled to write a review on them. The reason I am saying all of this is that I want you readers to know, that we aren’t writing these reviews due to us being held at gunpoint by the managers. Sometimes, just sometimes, we get so involved with the bands that we find and we want to express our love for them. And this article here, is what we def want to write about.

Tim Qualls Voice Will Make You Question Music From the Past Few Decades

Tim Qualls is the artist that I think I have waited a long time to write a review on. He has a soulful voice that can’t really be matched by any singers today. When you hear his music, you get an amazing filling of joy due to the fulfillment of just good songs. He has a way of singing that will make you question the music that you have been listening to for the past few decades. I say this about a lot of artist that I review , but I really am wondering why this guy has not been signed to a multi-million dollar music deal! While I listen to his songs, I seem to get a sense of soul from Justin Timberlake mixed in with a little but of Michael Buble. Now you may think that there is no way that those two singers would ever be compared to any singers out today, well my readers, you have found the exact feeling of those two singers. Tim Qualls.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Tim Qualls shows his roots in his music. He has a way of speaking to you through his lyrics, his voice, and his style of production. I can tell you as a producer myself, this guy knew what he was doing when he recorded his new EP ‘Say You Love Me’. With several songs that could classify as Jazz, Pop, and RnB I literally cannot put a review on just one song, so this review is in reference to his whole album/EP catalog. Below you will get a peek at his newest creation!

Tim Qualls Writes Music From the Heart

Tim Qualls - Say You Love Me

Tim Qualls – Say You Love Me

My final thoughts on Tim is that he is doing what he loves to do. I can tell that he loves what he does and he doesn’t care about what the mainstream says about his music. He writes music from the heart and could care less what the next critic says about him. As long as he is doing what he loves to do, then he is fulfilling his dream. He has def reached me as a singer and songwriter. I still can’t believe that this guy has not signed to a major label. MAJOR LABELS WHERE ARE YOU! This is a singer that needs to get more promotion and could knock out the largest artist on the map right now. I am also from the south(Louisiana) and I am highly thrilled that Tim is following his dream in a state where most artists are just performing and writing country music. He def has the gift of a psalmist. He has a way of reaching your soul with each lyric. Each guitar strum, each drum beat, each bass line, each rhythm change and each lyric sung with passion, you will fall in love with a new style of pop mixed with a little Jazz. If you are not a fan of this guy, well, you should be. I want to see artists like him succeed. You hear his passion with each lyric and riff sung. The laid back , no effort riffs this man does, will blow your brain insane. You can hear his pain, you can hear his warmth personality with each song that comes on. There is no sugar coating it, this is the guy you want to get to know, cause you will know his name in the next few years. You are going to remember that you read his name first on Themusic.reviews! Tim Qualls is going places and I can’t wait to watch his journey !

This is a man who is not social media shy. If you want to follow him on visit Tim Qualls @Instagram, @Twitter & @Facebook.

One quick thing, I want to congratulate him and his wife Katie on the upcoming baby. Welcome to fatherhood !


-As Always-

Jack Saint

Tim Qualls - Say You Love Me
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