Everyone knows Drake and that he’s from Toronto, but the pop star doesn’t exactly represent the Hip-Hop culture of the 416 today. We’ve got a ton of MC’s from the city, and one of the better known from Toronto’s underground is gaining mad recognition he rightfully deserves. I’m talking about Don Meeno and his Giinchy Crew.

“Fetty Wap,” the latest video by the rapper from his Giinchy 5x mixtape, is a music video single that shows what Toronto’s Hip-Hop scene is really all about. Don Meeno is getting known for making dark, mysterious tracks that reflect the scene of the ghetto streets in the 6ix, and references real life in lyrics. He isn’t afraid to talk about drugs and drinking to escape the pain, or how he works to get money to stay on top of the hood.

The video was directed by Zac Facts and it’s stylish but grimy at the same time. There’s swag and a bimmer but also local joints filmed where everyday hood folk like Don Meeno in Toronto go to cop a meal.

Giinchy member Zeko contributes vocals on the song, and the beat is by Giinchy producer ADOTHEGOD. Watch the video clicking the image above or directly on YouTube, click here to download the Giinchy 5x mixtape.

Toronto Stand up - New Fire from Don Meeno
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