The Vegabonds

Lately I have been on a country music kick and I have searched high and low, but Miss Brittney Wilkerson at PLA Media sent me a CD of one of their artists, The Vegabonds, and I have much to say about this band. Have you ever heard a band and seriously wondered why they aren’t signed to a multi-million dollar record deal? Well, this may the band that you have been waiting to listen to. They have a style that I really can’t put my finger on. Brittney most definitely knew what she was doing when she sent me the cd for these guys!

Who Are The Vegabonds?

  • Daniel Allen- Vocals/Guitar.
  • Bryan Harris- Drums.
  • Richard Forehand- Guitar/Slide/Pedal Steel/Vocals.
  • Paul Bruens- Bass.
  • Beau Cooper – Keys/Vocals
The Vegabonds

The Vegabonds band

These guys are literally the real deal of country music. With several award winnings and nominations, the talent that these 5 guys have in their genes is absolutely phenomenal. Here is the official title from their Facebook page of what they are all about: “A brand of Rock N’ Roll heavily influenced by Southern Rock and modern rock for a sound that is both parts familiar and fresh; a mix that always satisfies fans and listeners.

I def can’t deny that their description of themselves is totally accurate on all levels.

Their Music

Each song on their newest release is by far better than the previous song. I can see why these guys are becoming favorites in the indie country music world. I say this a lot with most of the artists I review (cause I only review the best artists on the indie circuit), but why the hell aren’t these guys signed to BMG and/or Big Machine Records? These guys have a talent the world needs to hear. The defining moment of their music is when you hear the stories they tell in each song. Each song on the album is sure to hit a special spot. Below you can hear and see the first single release off the album called, “OH MY LORD” . When you listen to the song, just picture yourself in the middle of a field wondering around and just thinking about life.

Below is another music video of a soft ballad with a little pickup called, “Take A Ride” . I can def hear this song being played after a Jason Aldean song. They are the definition of untapped talent that the world needs to hear. The vocals are spot on with making you feel as if you were writing and singing the song with the band. This song makes you want to head back home and give your mom and dad the biggest hug you have ever given them. It makes you want to pull your closest friends closer and ask for forgiveness from your enemies. All in all, it’s an emotional song with a “Feel Good” feeling, yet makes you ponder your life mistakes but also makes you want to get up and just appreciate everything that you have accomplished in your life.

These guys are with the marketing firm, PLA MEDIA. As I said in the last review of one of their artists they represent, they know how to pick talent very well and doing what other marketing firms have been trying to accomplish for years now. They choose quality over quantity. They have a select few artists they represent and fortunately The Vegabonds are one of them. With a marketing firm behind them, there is no doubt that they will take on the world head on and dive into every single country music fans heart. PLA Media is defining the way marketing firms should be ran. There are a couple of firms that are out there that I would recommend and this is one of my top 3 firms in the USA. I have other firms that I am writing about, but this is def one of the TOP 3 firms for music artists representation. Contact them if you are an artist reading this article, they are well worth going with!

Final Thoughts

The Vegabonds are by far one of the greatest bands that hasn’t been signed to a huge label deal, in which that blows my mind completely. A lot of artists are good and some are just okay, these guys surpass your expectations of originality by all means.

There’s country music, but then there’s The Vegabonds Country Music….and it’s AMAZING!

5/5 STARS for these guys!!

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The Vegabonds : Tearin' Up The Southern Rock Vibes!
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