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Whitestone is an innovative platform for online interactive music experiences.

Established by a group of artists, designers and programmers with a vision to bring album art to the internet and back to the music and it’s future.

Before 1939 records didn’t have any artwork, just a brown plain cover, then came Alex Steinweiss and from his first illustrated album cover that changed the way people looked and treated music albums and creating new profits for the industry, musicians and of course the artists who created the album covers, and became an integral part of the culture of music.

Now days With the transition to MP3’s albums lost the artwork, and we were left without the cover and a track-list, here is where Whitestone comes in the picture.

Whitestone’s Vision of the Future

Whitestone founder Roey Tsemah

Whitestone founder Roey Tsemah

We sat down with Roey Tsemah via Skype to talk about Whitestone’s vision of how music will look like in the future.

Roey, founder of Whitestone is a musician and designer and is responsible for the overall design of the platform.

Roey dedicated his graduation year from Royal Academy of Arts in Hague to researching the way we, create, publish, discover and experience music online. He formed a new band  – Letters From Abroad, and started documenting their creative process. The vision of Whitestone came from that research. It took more than 3 years to shape and refine the idea and now, ready to take the next step, Roey and the team are about to launch their Kickstarter campaign.

What do you mean by Interactive music experience?

“Well, for instance converting a static album cover to an interactive one by assigning key commands, touch gestures or even a camera input to control the layers of the artwork and the tracks. Technically it is possible and a bunch of artists are already doing it but the conventional music platforms are not built for such releases. We make tools to help artists create and release interactive experiences.”

Whitestone Founder Sketchbook

Whitestone Founder Sketchbook

One of the exciting things Roey shared with us is what they call at Whitestone  ‘Hackastone’, an event where musicians, artists, programmers and other media experts, meet and create together interactive music experiences and editions of albums, EPs and videos.

“After three years of looking for funding for the project, we decided to keep away from venture capital knowing the stories of frustrated artists and being aware of the current situation of the music industry”

“We believe that true fans want to support artists” says Roey, Whitestone is decided to base their business model on the concept of the tip jar and crowdfunding, where fans can follow creators and get their feed.

“When you see something you like, you can tip them – You decide how much, and the money goes directly to that person.”

Whitestone Calls You to Join Spreading the Word

To help spread the word across the globe Whitestone would like the help of anyone who believes in the project and the future of how music will look like – a Thunderclap has been created to help spread the word of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign starting on the end of August.

If you are excited about this project as we are, join Whitestone on changing the future of how we interact with music online, follow them on Facebook or Twitter and be informed once the Kickstarter begins.

Whitestone is Shaping How Music Will Look Like in the Future
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