Not From Georgia releases new album ‘Willie’s Gone’, yet another upbeat performance by the Country/Pop Folk collective.

Originating from the heart and mind of singer/songwriter Steve Westfall, Not From Georgia brings a dynamic music journey of uplifting alternative country music.You are captivated as a listener with every upbeat performance. There’s depth to the music, emotion, and expression that you can’t help but identify with, admire, and find longevity in.

Willie’s Gone released 2016 holds 10 new songs, starting off with the up tempo ride on “Highway 84” setting the high standard of a great produced folk country album.


Some Days” soft intro guitar riffs gives you a taste of Beatles Blackbird touch meets modern country ballad, bringing out Steve Westfall’s vocals on this track.

Can’t Find Love” and can’t stop dancing. what a strange notion it brings listening to the lyrics while bouncing your head side and fourth brings you an occurred smile. though from a musical perspective we would have expected an opening “c part” to the song to take it to the next dimension it deserves.


Cooking With Attitude”, well if that’s not a great song title, what is? the steady guitar playing and solid upbeat drum playing emphasises the strengths of the bands sound the fast and good old yet modern country sound., leading us all the way to the great guitar solo in the middle part of the song.


From here continuing listing to the rest of the great Not From Georgia’s new album is all but natural and uplifting – check out the songs mentioned above and the full album by clicking here.

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Willie's Gone - Not From Georgia
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